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  • abuse:

    isn't the victims fault. boys can abuse girls, boys can abuse boys, girls can abuse boys, girls can abuse girls. anyone can be hurt by those they trust the most. don't tell someone that the situation they went through wasnt bad enough.

  • anxiety:

    its not just being weird and avoiding social situations...there is a constant order to have anxiety you dont have to have panic attacks, just 'abnormal' amount of worrying.

  • bipolar:

    its not just mood swings.

  • cutting:

    doesnt mean you are emo. isnt a cry for attention. it isnt a suicide attempt. sometimes people just feel like physical pain is the only thing that helps their mental pain.

  • depression:

    it isnt just being sad. it tends to be a chemical imbalance in your mind. you can be depressed because a situation you have been through or it could be nothing to do with your situation, just the chemicals in your brain.

  • mpd/did:

    isnt split personality, it isnt someone just pretending to be someone else. a situation changed the person's brain and separate alters were formed. it is not fake. the person is not an actor/actress.

  • rape:

    doesnt happen because of the clothes someone wears. girls can rape boys, boys can rape girls, girls can rape girls, and boys can rape boys

  • suicide:

    isnt the cowards way out. sometimes life just seems too much and suicide seems the only way out.

I’m tired of being hurt,

Tired of the disappointment… seriously if you just want to hurt me some more go for it….

If i have a ‘Do Not be their friend’ Sicker on my head I wonder what I did… Am I that bad?

I’m sorry for not being the person you want… I’m sorry that I wasn’t good enough to be in your life… I just wanna die…

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